OverSeas Patient's

The best of hospitals in the world today have doctors of Indian origin, who have trained at premier institutes in our country. They are world leaders and authorities in their respective fields.

Many of these doctors choose to work out of hospitals like ours and help us provide the best medical treatment to one and all.

This is corroborated by the fact that many patients from the western world, the Middle East, as well as the South East Asian countries choose to make India their preferred destination for their medical needs. Dr.D.Y.Patil Hospital is now a credible alternative to these patients from overseas.

The medical expertise that our doctors bring to the patients from across the globe is perfectly complemented with the world class infrastructure that we have in our hospital today.

The diagnostic and operative set up at DYPH is at par with the best that the medical world has to offer today. We have all the super-specialities in addition to the basic medical and surgical departments. This is further aided by the departments of occupational therapy, physiotherapy and dentistry.

The patient rooms at DYPH are in accordance with the stringiest medical standards for any hospital across the world in terms of hygiene, medical backup and nursing facility. But, they exude a charm and ambience that one associates with a world class hotel. Every attempt is made to ensure that the patient and their relatives are comfortable and do not feel overwhelmed by a typical medical setup. Every room is designed to resemble a luxury room, with all the medical paraphernalia discreetly tucked away out of sight. One shall not be wanting in any facility or need once they place themselves in our care.

The hospitality and warmth that our patients from abroad enjoy is ingrained in our ethos. This only serves to enhance the enriching experience that they cherish long after their recovery.

We have, over the years, built a reputation of being a preferred healthcare provider for many of our clients from overseas. The fact that we are very economical in comparison to their parent countries and we strive to provide more than just medical care has made the opportunity of choosing DYPH over other hospitals even more tempting.

We would be happy to extend to you the same level of medical expertise and personal care, should you chose to let us help you on your path to an illness-free state.

Our public relations executives will be delighted to assist you in any way you desire, to walk you through the process of getting to our hospital and back home, cured and pampered. We have empaneled select travel agents who shall take care of all your travel needs, right from your door-step to our hospital.

Please contact us on +91 22 39215999 or send a mail to enquiry@dypatilhospital.com for any enquiries for your healthcare needs at our hospital.

We eagerly await the opportunity to assist you on the road to recovery and a healthy life.