Occupational Therapy


What is Occupational Therapy?
Occupational Therapy is the use of purposeful activity with individuals who are limited by physical injury or illness, psychosocial dysfunction, developmental or learning disabilities, poverty & cultural differences, or the ageing process, in order to maximize independence, prevent disability & maintain health. The practice encompasses evaluation, treatment & consultation. Specific Occupational Therapy services include teaching daily living skills; developing perceptual – motor skills & sensory integrative functioning; developing play skills & pre-vocational & leisure capacities; designing, fabricating or applying selected orthotics or prosthetic devices or selective adaptive equipments to enhance functional performance; administering & interpreting various standardized or non-standardized tests (Manual Muscle Testing, Goniometry, Hand Function Tests etc); adapting or modifying environments for people with & without impairment or disability to enhance functional independence in performance areas (ADL, Work/Productive activity or Play/Leisure) & making mentally handicapped individuals independent through Sheltered Workshops & Day Care Centre. These services are provided individually, in groups or through social systems.

Major Activities & Services at our Centre:

  • Preventive and Curative Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation:
    is doneusing Treadmill, Cycle Ergometer, Exercise Cycles, Low Resistive Mini Gym, Therabands etc. Functional Capacity Assessments are done on Oxymeter and Cardio-Pulmonary Assessment Proforma. Home exercise programs, risk stratifications and environmental modifications are suggested to all patients with respect to their residual capacities according to METs level and maintenance programs are geared towards achieving higher METs level.

  • Adult & Pediatric Obesity Management:
    is done using Treadmill, Cycle Ergometer, Exercise Cycles, Low Resistive Mini Gym, Therabands, Abdominal Exerciser etc. Standardized Assessments are done using Slim Fat Pad Caliper, various Age/Height/Weight related Normograms and obesity Proforma.

  • Hemophilia Rehabilitation:
    is done using various physical agent modalities, preventive orthosis and adaptive devices, CPM machines, exercise therapy using therabands and enabling activities. Emphasis is put on Preventive approach using Patient & Care Givers Education charts and booklets and awareness camps in collaboration with Hemophilia Society of India, Mumbai Branch.

  • Back School Clinic:
    Spine and Back Pain Rehabilitation using exercise therapy, Therapy Balls and Bands, weighted cuffs etc and physical agent modalities. Preventive and Ergonomic approach using Patient education charts and demonstrations of biomechanical grasping, carrying, lifting, pushing, pulling and reaching techniques. Emphasis is put on Work Simplification & Energy Conservation Techniques.

  • Diabetic Foot Care:
    Using protective adaptive devices, preventive and corrective orthosis, Patient Education. Assessment is done on Computerized Foot Scanning Machines.

  • Specialized Hand Therapy Clinic:
    Standardized assessments using various hand function tests, dynamometers and sensory evaluation kits. Hand Therapy based on biomechanical, rehabilitation and ergonomic approach.

  • Disability Evaluations:
    Assessment & Treatment on an outpatient basis for persons with physical disabilities.

  • Pediatric Therapy:
    Preventive, curative and rehabilitative Occupational Therapy for children with developmental disabilities, sensory integration disorders, neuromuscular abnormalities, musculoskeletal problems and cardiovascular dysfunctions. As per the child’s needs, Occupational Therapists in Paediatrics, uses various sensory motor approaches like Neuro Developmental therapy, Rood’s approach, Play therapy, Sensory Integration therapy and Biomechanical approach. Parental counseling, home and school programs, environmental modifications are the integral part of Occupational Therapy that helps the child to cope up with daily life chores in the society, home and school environment.

  • Indoor Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Services:
    Pain management, prevention and management of bed sores, normalization of tone using sensory motor approaches, pre and post operative assessment, patient education and rehabilitation, On table fabrication of orthosis and fabrication in post operative phase in the ward, pre prosthetic assessment, prosthetic prescription and training, prescription, assessment and training for appropriate adaptive aids and devices for basic self care, ambulation, vocation and leisure. Caregiver education, counseling and training, bowel and bladder controls training, sensory system rehabilitation, Training carried over later on outpatient basis.

  • De-addiction Program:
    Remedial and Rehabilitative services are offered to clients diagnosed as psychotropic substance use disorder, to assess & improve their coping skills in individual life situations. We at Drug De-addiction Centre assess and treat competence components of sensory integration, neumuscular, cognitive and psychological functions and impairments in social interactions. Work Fitness evaluations are done on referrals at this centre of excellence.

  • Neurorehabilitation:
    Assessment and treatment of neurology and neurosurgery cases on inpatient and outpatient basis. Specialized rehabilitation programs for dystonia and writer’s cramp, vestibular rehabilitation, spasticity management, functional neurosurgery for basal ganglia affectations. Disability evaluations are done on referrals. Vocational counseling and work fitness evaluations are done as per patient’s needs and requirements.

  • Preventive Geriatric Care:
    A therapist works in collaboration with the physicians to improve the quality of the senior citizens’ life.

  • Mental Health Services:
    Adult and pediatric psychiatry rehabilitation services are offered at our centre in the form of assessments via projective tests, standardized table top tasks, individual one to one discussions with the therapists and group therapy. Treatment planning based on premorbid life situations of clients and their family/care givers involvement in the treatment planning. Treatment methods used are self care skills training, social skills training, stress/anxiety management, relaxation techniques, time management, play therapy, recreational tasks, exploring hobbies etc based on rehabilitation and behavioral model. Work fitness evaluations are done on referrals.